In the attacks immediately after their very first conference, she generally seems to see flirting having your and you can flirting your sexually

The termination of Evangelion

Ultimately away from Evangelion, Asuka is positioned into the Device-02 having protection from the japanese Strategic Self defense Pushes assault with the GeoFront. That have Device-02 submerged inside the a pond and you will bombarded by breadth charge, Asuka declares one to she won’t pass away and, inside the a moment regarding clearness, knows that this lady mother’s soul is actually carried during the Eva and you will has been protecting her all of the together. She regains her notice-title, activates and you may beats the fresh JSSDF, which can be after exposed to the new Produced in higher quantities Evas. When you look at the competition, she properly disables all the nine competitors; however, Unit-02’s electricity run off, in addition to MP Evas’ S? Engines permit them to will always be functional even after becoming honestly broken and/otherwise mutilated. They proceed to eviscerate and you may dismember Tool-02 with the Spear regarding Longinus replicas, thus ultimately causing Asuka’s human body to really suffer brand new wounds inflicted in order to the machine and you will frequently eliminating the girl (her Entryway Connect is never viewed becoming lost, although NERV employees apparently trust she’s inactive). During this last assault, Asuka is actually temporarily in a position to reactivate Equipment-02 owing to natural fury, however, simply adequate because of it to move its arm some, nowhere nearby the complete “Berserker” setting one to Shinji is able to achieve. Her finally terminology before demise try an excellent whispered “I shall destroy your”, frequent about desperately. To the Instrumentality, Asuka together with requires that Shinji bring themselves in order to the woman, but Shinji are unwilling to hand back any passion themselves. Asuka face Shinji as he anxiously wants help and says he would like to stay with the woman forever, but Asuka denies him, saying he merely wants to fool around with her because an escape. Outraged, Shinji chokes this lady. This woman is the next individual go back away from Instrumentality within the finish of your motion picture, shortly after Shinji denies they. Asuka caresses Shinji tenderly in a sense reminiscent of Yui, and therefore finishes him out of choking the girl once again. Asuka’s last line is “kimochi warui”, roughly translated due to the fact “Exactly how disgusting”. [8]

Asuka’s relations that have Shinji

Regarding collection, Shinji executes a beneficial deceptively quick relationship with Asuka, that is experiencing adolescence and seriously puzzled and you may undecided:

“The thing i wants to tell this new buddy from inside the my cardio was, “Asuka, you might be simply an excellent 14-year-dated child, commonly you?” 14 are a duration of life while you are tossed up against the fresh new wall surface away from lifestyle. You are obligated to know. It is puberty, where you determine what style of lifestyle you’re going to alive, proper? Evangelion came to their orgasm exactly as you strike the period, but up coming, what can your alternatives be, Asuka? Just what a good is it possible you make an effort to carry out? What type of mature do you really become?”

Shinji and you will Asuka is apparently drawn to both, however, neither could possibly properly express its thinking. Asuka’s overbearing emotions and you will failure so you’re able to acknowledge her weaknesses has the woman from opening in order to Shinji. Nevertheless, it is compliment of their you to Shinji finds out the newest count on the guy required to focus difficult at the synchronizing their movements that have hers in order to defeat the newest Angel Israfel for the Event 9. [9] She and you will Shinji hug inside the Occurrence fifteen, but she nearly suffocates your of the carrying their nostrils closed, not recognizing this is to make Shinji a whole lot more unwilling. [10] Because the series moves on along with her performance just like the a good airplane pilot diminish, the fresh resulting problems for the lady pride grounds the woman to become all the more blunt so you’re able to Shinji, as she seems insecure by the Shinji’s improving abilities, some thing she seems is actually unearned since Asuka by herself has educated the lady entire life to have piloting Eva, rather than Shinji. The Director’s Cut regarding Event 22 reveals that, even after the woman procedures, she nevertheless wishes Shinji’s affections that’s saddened, mad and you may angered by their shying regarding her (struggling to keep in mind that her taunts and you will hostility try remaining him from getting close to their), and it has translated his prior to passiveness and you will not enough impulse as aware getting rejected. [11] During Arael’s attack on her psyche, whenever she considers Shinji, she says (internally),